SPS Processing


As an independent sales office of merchant services, SPS came to Verritech with a few goals in mind for their new site: streamline the on-boarding process for their sales reps, provide information to potential partners and merchants, and to set their brand apart from the crowded landscape in the industry.


Verritech integrated the proprietary merchant sales portal, POS Portal, into a custom Drupal dashboard for authorized agents to on-board new customers as well as gain access to a valuable reference library.

For the brand presentation, we asked the stakeholders to identify the core values and offerings of the company, which we then related to the site’s audience through unique imagery that is not typically used in the financial world.


Sales agents for SPS have been able to reduce the time it takes to onboard customers and have a single, secure location from which to access all of their sales tools. Potential partners and merchants can easily navigate the offerings that SPS is presenting through an elite design presentation.